FOFD commenced with a launch on 15 October 2006.


Our vision:

To put Fogg Dam on the map and in the hearts and minds of people.



To promote, protect and enhance the ecological, cultural and aesthetic values of Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve and assist visitors to enjoy, understand and appreciate this unique place



(a)            protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of the Reserve.

(b)             provide information about the natural environment of the Reserve and wetlands.

(c)            improve visitor facilities and provide input into visitor management.

(d)             support the protection of historic and cultural information.

(e)          encourage community involvement and provide input into the Parks and Wildlife Management Plan for Fogg Dam.


Since its launch, Friends of Fogg Dam Inc. have:

  • the support of the Traditional Owner, the Local MLA and Landcare
  • elected a committee with President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Pubic Officer.
  • elected a grants sub-committee
  • opened a bank account with Bendigo Bank, Coolalinga
  • developed a vision statement
  • developed purpose and objectives
  • a logo
  • a website
  • 45 people have registered interest and are on the Friends mailing list
  • 26 financial members
  • had an initial meeting with Parks & Wildlife concerning revision of the Fogg Dam Management Plan and will continue to have input
  • established links with Sydney University based at Middle Point and had the first of six monthly updates on local research activities
  • developed bird, frog and snake lists for Fogg Dam
  • identified some people who were actively involved in the Humpty Doo Rice Project
  • been responsible for Parks & Wildlife organising for the installation of water for hand washing at the public toilets
  • had a working bee to assist removing part of the damaged Monsoon Forest boardwalk.
  • written to support Parks and Wildlife submission for funding to replace the boardwalk
  • become incorporated
  • participated in World Environment Day with a Fogg Dam stand.
  • developed a 5 year business plan for annual review
  • A sign to welcome visitors and inform them of Friends of Fogg Dam is being organised in conjunction with Parks & Wildlife.


We have been fortunate to benefit from considerable support from:

  • Fogg Dam Parks & Wildlife, in particular Barry Scott has been on the receiving end of our requests and has responded so generously, allowing us to use facilities for our meetings.  Mark Fogarty has given advice, instruction, provided equipment and worked with us at working bees.
  • Peter Foster of Landcare who has provided ongoing information and offers of assistance.
  • Our local member and Friend, Ted Warren, MLA is a great supporter and advocate.
  • Niven McCrie for developing our distinctive logo and providing the bird list for Fogg Dam.
  • Other lists have been prepared or finalised by:
    •         Travis Child and Matt Greenlees, Sydney University            Frogs           
    •         Travis Child and Matt Greenlees, Sydney University            Snakes           

These valuable resources will be utilised indefinitely.  

Our sincere thanks to you all for your support.