Minutes 25 October 2009 PDF Print

1.             Meeting opened at 11.15 am. Heather welcomed members.

Present: Leisa Baldwin, Strider, Michael Stott, Denise Goodfellow, Jane Moore, Veronica Edwards, Heather Boulden, Jeremy Hemphill. 

 Apologies: Lyn & Brian Reid, Brigitte Wilson, Jo Vandermark, Alan Anderson. Gemina Corpus.

 2                        Minutes of meeting 27 September 2009:  Accepted noting a correction to correspondence out: that the Field Day is scheduled for 11 April 2010 – moved Jeremy/Michael.

3                        Business arising from minutes & ongoing issues

a)            Fogg Dam equipment list – awaiting advice from Ken Levy

b)            Monsoon Forest Interpretive signage – Alan & Strider

 4.                                Correspondence:  Out:

·      8 Oct 09, email to Graham and Lynette Kenyon advising about the proposed Fogg Dam Field Day on 11 April 2010, asking them to inform Joan and also asking them to do a ‘welcome to country.’  An open offer was also made for anything else they may be interested in.

·      11 Oct 09, email to Mark Fogarty, Fogg Dam P&W agreeing to give talk to ANZSEE  on 29 Oct, on the history and the economic initiative that led to construction of Fogg Dam – 13th Oct 5.15pm time confirmed and request to be made for a donation for the service.

·      19 Oct 09, email to Gavin Goodyear, Qld, enclosing a copy of the plant list for Fogg Dam.

·      22 Oct 09, letter to Graham Phelps, Director P&W enclosing application for permit to hold Field Day at Fogg Dam on 11 April 2010.

·      22 Oct 09, email to Mark Fogarty, Fogg Dam P&W, advising of funding to hold a Field Day on 11 April 2010.

·      23 Oct 09, email to members providing a link to ABC interview of Mark Anderson from P&W and Alice Leppitt of Charles Darwin University about the poor state of Fogg Dam.

·      23 Oct 09, email to Kathleen and John Holtzapffel thanking them for the photos they sent us via Greg Miles, advising about the Heritage Grant and asking permission to forward their details to Susan Pederson who is working on the Heritage Grant.

·      24 Oct 09, email to Lynette Kenyon asking how the school bus is working out and suggesting she call Environmental Health in Darwin to ask about regulations re selling hot dogs at the Field Day.

Correspondence In:

·      29 Sep 09, letter from NRETA enclosing Grant Agreement and Recipient Created Tax Invoice for Environment Grant – Fogg Dam Field Day.

·      30 Sep 09, letter from NRETA enclosing Grant Agreement and Recipient Created Tax Invoice for Heritage Grant – Humpty Doo Rice Trail.

·      7 Oct 09, email from ATDW TourismNT thanking for advice about Fogg Dam Field Day in 2010. The link to the plan is: http://en.travelnt.com/search/product-detail.aspx?product_id=9001951

·      We are invited to send details of changes or additional information and any images (logo) we’d like to display.

·    9 Oct, 09, email from Mark Fogarty advising that a New Zealand group (ANZSEE) is visiting the NT and plan to visit Fogg Dam on 29 Oct.  Organiser, Vicky Forgie, an ecological economist, is arranging a local TO to do a ‘welcome to country’ and wants someone to talk on the history of Fogg Dam and the economic initiative that led to construction of the dam.   He asked if we’d do the latter and suggested we could charge for it.

·    9 Oct 09, email from Alice Leppitt asking if she could visit on 14th Oct – later cancelled and a later date to be arranged.

·    10 Oct 09, email from Lynette Kenyon advising that everyone is positive and keen to be involved in the Field Day.  Graham is happy to do a bush tucker walk and talk.  Lynette would like to get the girls from Windows on the Wetlands to sell hot dogs and cold flavoured drinks at the Field Day.

·    13 Oct 09, NT Gov/t Invoice HE2009/0087, Heritage Grant for $5,000.00

·    13 Oct 09, email from Stuart Knowles from Office of Gerry McCarthy, MLA, advising that arrangements have been made for the school bus to visit Humpty Doo Station, commencing Monday 19th Oct.

·    15 Oct 09, NT Gov’t Invoice 0910IN20FFD Environment Grant $5.150.00

·    19 Oct 09, email from Gavin Goodyear asking for a copy of the plant list for Fogg Dam.

·    21 Oct 09, emails from Kathleen Holzapffel with information and photos of Fogg Dam forwarded by Greg Miles.

·    23 Oct 09, email from Kathleen Holtzapffel saying she and John are pleased that John’s photos are of such interest to FOFD.  They found the history section on the FOFD particularly interesting, and congratulated us on the Heritage Grant.

 5.                                                                                     Business arising from correspondence: 

·               Jeremy to give talk to ANZSEE group at Fogg Dam on Thursday 29 Oct at 5.15pm.

·               Follow up meeting with Alice Leppitt re Honours project studying aquatic life in Fogg Dam.

·               Follow up on school bus visits to Humpty Doo Station.

·               John Holzapffel’s photographs of the Humpty Doo Rice Project to be given to Susan Pedersen.

·               Updating ATDW TourismNT calendar about the Field Day.

 6. Humpty Doo Rice Trail.  

On 12 October Jeremy, Heather & Susan Pedersen visited historic rice project sites in the local area and took photographs. Grant funding has been received. Contact has been made with another person involved with the project, John Holtzapffel, who lives in the ACT.  Through his wife, Kathleen, John has given us some excellent photographs. Jane has offered to help Susan with the booklet layout. Jeremy has provided copies of Ted Kilpatrick’s, Snow Close’s and John Holtzapffel’s photos to Susan.

 7.               Telstra Grant

A certificate of Appreciation from FOFD, with a photo showing the container, has been presented to Telstra Business Centre NT.  

 8.            Fogg Dam Field Day, 11 April 2010

·                                 Organising committee:  Leisa; Alan; Heather, Jo, Jane, Veronica.

·                                 Working plan developed and distributed to organising committee.

·               Leisa and Heather met on 22nd Oct.  A proposed program similar to the 2008 Field Day has been prepared plus details of jobs requiring volunteers on the day, a list of past and potential sponsors and groups to be invited to have a display/stall. This was discussed. Awaiting advice from Parks that we can proceed. Then.

o   Advise key speaker/exhibitor groups eg Sydney University, Field Naturalists, Top end Native Plants, etc that we are proceeding

o   Contact Parks re Junior Rangers activities

o   Members asked to email suggestions. Noted that more than one activity may take place at times, some activities may be duplicated

o   Note Denise’s wish to lead a morning rather than afternoon group

o   We will need people to assist us run the day. Potential volunteer assistance groups/stall holders include: local schools, Aust Conservation Volunteers, Rotary, Litchfield Lions, Environment Centre, Parks, Frogwatch, Council of the Ageing (which has a bus for members).

o   Will need to provide copies of the program in advance to newspapers and to schools and politicians for inclusion in their newsletters.

·               Letters requesting sponsorship to go out in mid January.  Veronica able to coordinate.

·               Permits will be required for live animals to be taken to the Park, butterfly nets and for water to be removed for examination.

9.            Donation box & brochure holders

              Alan has arranged for Parks to construct the frame.

10.            Wildfowl hunting.

              Jeremy advised there was considerable shooting at Harrison Dam outside permitted hours and people entering or shooting into private land. Police are being advised and photos, sound and records kept for a planned review by politicians, Police, Parks and gun clubs at the end of the season.

11.            Proposal for Honorary Membership

             Heather proposed Peter Walker of Imagineer be made an Honorary member in recognition of his ongoing support

             and contribution to FOFD, ie the provision of our website and hosting.  Unanimously approved: Heather/Leisa.

12.        Finance
Bank balance at 23 October was $13,092.36 with a possible $1,200.00 to come from Parks covering sign production by Jane and with $706.24 to be reimbursed to Jeremy for completing the sign installation, container entrance ramp and landscaping materials.

              Agreed to transfer some funds to an interest bearing account: Heather/Leisa.   

13.            Other business –

·            Working Bee: Heather proposed a working bee with our next meeting. Agreed, options to be discussed with Parks, eg weeding, preservative treatment of the Woodlands to Waterlily Boardwalk.

·            Website: Veronica volunteered to take on updating/maintaining information on our website.

·            Global Warming: Strider proposed we seek how NT government authorities will manage the impact of sea level rise scenarios on the Adelaide River floodplain and Fogg Dam, eg establishing a seed bank to preserve and re-establish local plant colonies. Jeremy to write. 

13.        Next meeting: Sunday 22 November,  at Fogg Dam following working bee and BBQ.


Meeting closed at 12.37 pm.


Summary of issues to follow up.

Field Day 2010

Humpty Doo Rice Trail

Donation boxes / brochure holders

Wildfowl hunting

Email groups who supported the Environment application and invite to participate at Field Day.

Seek NT government plans to manage sea level rise scenarios