Minutes 27 September 2009 PDF Print

1.             Opened at 2.30pm, welcome.  Present: o Vandermark, Heather Boulden, Alan Anderson, Jane Moore, Miranda Maybank (Wwoofer at Eden B&B), Jeremy Hemphill.


          Apologies: Lyn and Brian Reid, Penny Wurm, Michael Stott, Denise Goodfellow, Leisa Baldwin.


2        Minutes of meeting 24 May 2009: Accepted Jeremy, Jo


3        Business arising from minutes

a)            Successful launch of the Interpretive Shelter with the Traditional Owners and Middle Point Primary School.   Approximately 60 people attended.

b)            Fogg Dam equipment list – awaiting advice from Ken Levy

c)             Monsoon Forest Interpretive signage/ pilgrimage path – Boardwalk has been opened. Needs a seat at end and some signs to be raised to a more convenient reading height.  
- Alan & Strider now able to look at Pilgrimage path, starting by finding what additional signage Parks proposes (Kate Duigan in Interpretation section).  


4.               Correspondence:  Out:

·      9 June 09, email to Minister, the Hon Malarndirri McCarthy re bus tranport to school for children at Humpty Doo Station.

·      24 July 09, fax to Amarland thanking for melons kindly donated for the official opening of the interpretive signage shelter.

·      30 July 09, Aust Post/Landcare grant acquitted.

·      23 Aug 09, email to Friends, contacts advising of successful opening of Interpretive Shelter and successful outcome of grant applications for the Humpty Doo Rice Trail and Field Day 2010.

·      2 Sep 09, Certificate of Appreciation presented to Telstra Shop Darwin City & Telstra Business Centre NT of for funding the container to store our equipment in.  The certificate shows a photo of the container.

·      3 Sep 09, email to Friends/contacts advising that the Monsoon Forest Boardwalk has been opened and thanking all for their help to achieve this.

·      8 Sep 09, email to Shane Dahlhelm Manager Road Operations, attaching a photo of the Interpretive Shelter, as requested and asking for (1) an “I” tourist information sign to be installed and (2) the Fogg Dam signs on the Arnhem Highway to be altered to indicate that it is a Conservation Reserve and a Heritage Site.

·      13 Sep 09, email to Shane Dahlhelm, saying that one “I” sign would be sufficient, attaching a letter advising of Fogg Dam’s Heritage Listing  and giving the P&W website showing it to be a Conservation Reserve, and asking for advice on the installation of these.

·      21 September 09, contracts for EnvironmeNT grant for 2010 Field Day signed and mailed to Tracey Duldig.

·      22 Sep 09, email to Melanie Totten attaching plant & butterfly lists.

·      25 Sep 09, invoice to P&W seeking contribution towards cost of printing sings on Anzac Parade.

·      25 Sep 09, email to Lynette Hayes passing on the information about the advice on school transport from Humpty Doo Station and asking her to advise how it’s working.

·      25 Sep 09, email to Karen Moir of Heritage, advising of inconsistencies and modifications required for formal acceptance of the grant. Wording agreed and contract signed.



Correspondence In:

·      26 May, 09, email from Mark Fogarty attaching letters which advise that Fogg Dam was declared a Heritage Place on 5 May 2009.

·      11 June 09, email from Trisha O’Hehir, Goyder Electoral Office, advising that the Public Transport Division had received a Ministerial regarding the school bus for Humpty Doo Station the day before a reply is expected within the next week.

26 May 09, email from Ruchira Somaweera attaching a revised poster of Snakes of Darwin.

·      1 June 09, email from Rachel Pearce forwarding email from Plaxy Purich  suggesting cooperation between Landcare groups in the Litchfield Council to work together in providing some financial assistance to help with weeding, etc.

·      1 Jul 09, email from Kezia Purick attaching a letter from her to the Chief Minister about the many issues with hunting  of waterfowl at Lambell’s Lagoon and Harrison Dam, seeking clarification about the lawful use of firearms on and around the hunting reserves.

·      11 Aug 09, letter from Minister Karl Hampton offering FOFD Inc $5,150.00 Environment Grant for a Field Day in 2010.

·      11 Aug 09, letter from Minister Karl Hampton offering FOFD Inc. $5,000.00 Heritage Grant for the Humpty Doo Rice Trail Project – application was for $10,000.00.

·      20 Aug 09, email from Kezia Purick advising of a public meeting re waterfowl hunting to be held at Lambell’s Lagoon 26 August at 6pm.

·      25 Aug 09, fax from Mrs Ellen Fogg Turner, attaching an obituary tribute about her father, James Fogg, the person Fogg Dam was named after.

·      9 Sep 09, email from Shane Dahlhelm suggesting one “I” sign would suffice for the Information Shelter and saying that both the conservation reserve and heritage site need to be registered with the appropriate authorities before signage can be considered.  He asks for this to be confirmed.

·      18 Sep 09, email from Karen Moir, Heritage, attaching documents re Rice Trail project.

·      21 Sep 09, email from Melanie Totten, year 11 Taminmin High student, requesting plant & butterfly lists.

·      25 Sep 09, phone call from Stuart Knolls, Ministerial Officer for Gerry McCarthy advising that an Education Officer is going to Humpty Doo Station each day to collect children and take them to Humpty Doo Primary School.   A letter is in the post.

·      25 Sep 09, email from Lynette Kenyon advising that Graham, (Fogg Dam TO) has resigned from P&W.  Email provided.

·      26 Sep 09, email from Lynette Kenyon, advising that one child is being transported by a volunteer Aboriginal worker, the other children are still missing school.


5.                 Correspondence accepted:  Jeremy/Jo


6.         Humpty Doo Rice Trail.  

            Grant will fund the preparation of draft booklet and leaflet plus identification of relevant sites.   We will need to seek additional funding for printing, Heritage section suggests we approach Tourism NT.     


Meeting to visit sites with Susan Pedersen arranged for 12 October.



7.       Aust. Post/Landcare Grant

Project complete.  Launch of sign very successful with approximately 60 people attending, involvement of Traditional Owners and Middle Point Primary School.   Final Report submitted. Heather gave special thanks to Alan Anderson and Jane Moore for their work developing and mounting the signs and to Alan for his donation of bollards and his work which gives the area a professional look..


8.         Telstra Shop Darwin and Winnellie Grant

Setting up and painting of the container completed. In use to store the FOFD equipment.  A certificate of thanks has been provided to the Telstra Shop and Business Centre. 


9.         Finance   Bank balance     $2,927.36.


30 June balance was $ 4267.64 with subsequent payments made and commitments in relation to the Australia Post/Landcare and Telstra Shop projects of $2561.53. $280.00 of membership fees and donations have been received since 1 July 09. A payment of $1200 from Parks for sign preparation is anticipated and, if received, will be paid to Jane Moore.


            Annual accounts have been submitted to our auditor in preparation for the FOFD annual general meeting.


10.      Open Day 2010

·                                 Proposed date of 11 April 2010.was agreed. This is the weekend after Easter.

·                                 Organising committee:  Leisa; Alan; Heather, and is open to others. Volunteers please.

·                                 Areas: publicity; sponsorship; program development. Note: we are required to acknowledge our EnvironmeNT grant in all FOFD publicity.

·                                 Write to organisations who supported the application to seek their ongoing support: Sydney Uni, CDU, Traditional owners, Parks, Top End Native Plants, NT Field Naturalists.

·                                 Propose to base operations from the west side of Fogg Dam – less masquitoes, more space.

·                                 Propose the evaluation form be a separate document and include reference to a prize.


11.        Donation box & brochure holders

              Alan organising  with Parks.


12.        Wildfowl hunting.

              Jeremy tabled permit rules and spoke on the meeting at Lambell’s Lagoon organised late in August by Kezia Purick in conjunction with Parks, the Police and gun clubs. It was agreed Police should be advised of permit breeches, eg early or late shooting, damage to property, shooting outside defined areas/buffer zones, etc.


The information will be collated by Humpty Doo Police.


13.        Membership

Applications for membership from Ellen Fogg Turner and her grandchildren Thomas Turner, David and Joshua Stanley.


                 Total membership: 39


14.        Other business –

·                      On 20 August 09, CDU Masters Student, Alice Leppitt, presented her proposal for studying aquatic life in Fogg Dam at CDU..


15.        Next meeting:           AGM  Sunday 25 October 10.30am at Coolalinga      


             Summary of issues to follow up.

             Field Day 2010

             Humpty Doo Rice Trail

             Donation boxes / brochure holders

             Wildfowl hunting